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A Good Choice For Beginners: The Canon EOS 1300D (T6 Rebel)

This year’s devices have been a great proof of how the photography market is only growing. With more and more aficionados, the manufacturers have become more aware of their necessities. And what do young photographers need? Versatility, of course. Just like other brands, Canon has …

Photography Tips

Time Lapse in 5 Easy Steps

Everyone has seen these amazing “videos” in which we have the chance to experience the passing of the day/night in fast motion. Whether it’s in the movies or in different terms, a time lapse video is always appealing. And the best part is that it …

Videography Tips

6 Ways to Improve Baby Videos

It’s no secret that cuteness has become a trend on the internet: whether there are kitten, puppies, babies or even little fluffy spiders, people just love aw-ing all the way. And although you may not intend to make a viral video, it can turn into …

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5 Tips to create Black and White pictures

Have you taken a photograph in black and white and thought that something isn’t exactly right? How could a black and white picture go wrong? Black and white pictures have been a trend for quite some time, since they are …